Meditate & Consider Uplifting Thoughts


Practice the presence of God within.

Self-Image is the root of all that is working in your life and the things you wish to change. Self-image defines how you think, feel, and what you say to yourself on a daily basis. This teaching will inspire you to change your concept of self, in the most easiest way.

You were made in the image of God-Source Energy not created. This means you are in physical form a manifestation of ideas. Change your ideas about yourself and you become that equivalent to those ideas.


Life is how you exist

The word gratitude means pleasing to the mind. This word has changed its meaning through cultures but the origin of this word remains the same. Gratitude is giving credit, it is pleasing the mind with positive thoughts. 

Writing on a journal helps each of to focus on what truly matters. When we are grateful we are actually pleasing our mind with thanksgiving. You are giving yourself the satisfaction that all is good and will continue to be good. 

Pleasing thoughts and ideas brings you to expect good things to come to you.


You are here because you are prepared.

The word forgiveness is exactly how you see the words. Give forward. Forward giving. The invitation is to move on, give yourself another purpose to move forward or you will continue be the same person you were that pulled into your experience that hurt.

Many think that forgiveness is letting the people off the hook. When you cannot let it go, it is only you refusing to change so that you can bring into your life more joyful experiences. 

The people that hurt you assigned to you by you, so that you can change your mental states of being.


You play acting roles

All relationships is the tribe that matches our vibration. Everyone you meet even though you claim them to be unrecognizable it is still an aspect of you. Person means the mask or another way to say is the character, your acting role.


When we tell anyone to be themselves, we are requesting the person to play a better role. We are only the "I am" image, imitation of God-Source Energy.


How we express it, is through the self-personality-character we practice in our thoughts which translates into our beliefs, opinions, interest, and habits.


Change from powerlessness to powerful 

Weight transformation is rooted in understanding that all physical conditions especially weight is tied to the constant negative emotional response to what is. Whatever is going on in your life, your thoughts continually way you down. 

Many people have covered up negative emotions by using outside stimulation to get things done. We all know this never works because it is not the problem. The issue is you must move energy, which means move your emotions from powerlessness to joy.

Joy is the weight release. 


A gift to those who donate

Thank you to all of you who donate. Who have an understanding of what it means to sow into this ministry. 

I give to anyone who desire to have clarity in their life. Many of you that donate are supporting this site and this assists many to obtain the teachings. 

Donating is powerful. Actually the practice is a reminder that our supply comes from the thoughts we think. Any teacher that stimulates your thinking is reminding you of these powerful truths.


Get clear on your feelings

Our consciousness is designed to feel our thoughts until they manifest in our experiences. Clarity on what we want to feel initiates what type of thoughts we think. 

Walk into the journey of being clear on who you want to feel so that you can draw into your life things are of the same nature. 

Be clear on how to feel and learn Creation Formula which helps you to focus towards what you desire.


Become the most important element.

When your understand that you have a guiding system which are your emotions, you begin to understand that you are truly being guided towards your desires.

All emotions is guidance. All emotions is telling you that your focus is either leading towards what you desire or not leading your towards what you desire. 

This teaching explains Creation Formula which is Emotion + Label = Experience.


All begins with your emotions. Whatever you attach to the emotion creates an experience/results in your life.


Whatever feels like you, comes to you

The law of attraction is a universal law and no matter if you believe it or not, it is exact and true. Nature and even the animal kingdom show proof of this over and over.

Law of attraction means that anything that feels like you feel about yourself is what comes to you in all areas of your life. The most important relationship is your state of being. 

Your state of being, meaning your attitude or mood is what is constantly bringing into your life experiences what is current. 


It must be your willing that allows it

Money is something everyone wants because it is tied to our perception of freedom and worthiness. Therefore, money is a delivery of what ideas we have about ourselves. 

Money is a constant flow of energy and that energy is directed through our thoughts. We exchange energy and we do it through the service we provide to others. It matters not what exactly is your job or career, what does matter is the energy that is behind the service.

Learn what rich, wealth and money actually mean and how to increase this in your life.


Thinking is the path to all

You must obtain the book, Think & Grow Rich to understand these teachings. We will explore each chapter so that when you read you fully grasp the secrets that are hidden in this beautiful book.


I am sharing with you insight. I must admit that this book once you read it and take it what is being shared, will bring you results. But it is important that you understand how thinking works.

Any area that you desire, you must focus on and think upon. Then this sets you up a path that is illuminated for you to take.


Liberty is loving yourself

The word love originates from the word liberty. Love liberates and never binds us. Therefore, as you study the Universe you will come to realize that your job is to focus on perceiving the reality you prefer to experience in this physical reality. That's it!

Learn that all already exists waiting for our personal recognition. It is there for each of us to choose through our mental states and feel it to be, until you become it. Healing and Transformation is yours today!


You were born a genius

Your Inner Child is a teaching that has helped many deal with childhood wounds or traumatic experiences. Your Inner Child has never been helpless or unworthy but it is a powerful being within you. 

Come to understand that inner child does not mean small, it actually means the full essence of Source Energy-God. 

Your inner child is whole and came already with the knowing that you are about to hear. All these teachings are just reminders.


It is all given when you decide 

This is the study of Abraham Hicks book, so please purchase the book in order to understand what is being shared. I go over each chapter to help you understand some concepts that are given in that book.

Ask and it is given, needs to be read a few times. It is much like a classic book that the more you repeat it the more you will obtain. 

This book is essential and a great reminder of how all is truly given when you make a decision is focus on just that.


You cannot block energy you only direct it

You cannot block energy for all is energy. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Energy can only be directed and it is done through your focus. Focusing is part of your feeling nature. Therefore, the fastest way to shift, or change anything is by softly focusing, paying attention to what you prefer.


Energy is being directed and the more focus, the faster the rate of your desire to appear. 


Health is harmony in your focus. It is what you are focused upon in which it triggers a negative emotional response.


The art of learning how to live

You do require the book. This is a classic that helps anyone who still has issues with the bible and law of attraction.

I go over each chapter in a way that will unfold for you so much clarity. You will understand the biblical terms and what words we use now that replaced them.

I love this book. We are blessed to have this material available to us and it covers everything. Science of the mind, is knowing the how to live in the mind because that is only where we are. All is coming from our perception.