Clarity Release Connection is an interactive process which enables you quickly and easily to understand how conscious creation works, gives you the tools to effectively design your own life in a self-empowered, independent manner and leading to your happiness and fulfillment. This is a must for successfully learning how to effectively change your life and drastically improve its quality.


Throughout our lives, we have operated on the basis of certain limitations instilled in us by social conditioning, for example, family and society, as well as traumas from childhood or other intense events and occurrences throughout our lives. We define ourselves through outward labels like man/woman, boss/employee, father/mother, son/daughter, colleague, friend, and so forth. These are “labels” which do not encompass all that they really are, but merely describe various functions that we fulfill in our outer lives. The issue is when all we do is fulfill roles and functions but never reach our inner kingdom of love, peace, and joy. We feel challenged in a world that pushes competition and leaves us still dealing with fear.

You will find that as the training progresses, you will realize that life can be a joyful experience. Compartmentalizing one’s life means to limit oneself in certain areas, whereas when both worlds are COMBINED in ONE continuous approach throughout everyday life, this enables a person to unleash potential which previously they had never thought possible.  The key concept of my spiritual teachings is that each person is a creator in their own right, not a victim at the mercy of outer circumstances or people. EACH INDIVIDUAL is an infinite, amazing and powerful being and it is possible to unleash this creative power consciously and direct it with aim and awareness to become a MASTER/CREATOR.


In this training package, you will gain insight into the reasons why some areas of your life have not fully expanded to their potential. Unlike other online courses, you are able to have access to me and ask questions to help assimilate the material and apply to obtain quick positive results. This means you will start to connect all the levels indicated below and these will be specifically tailored to your own unique, individual needs for each area of your life. You are taught to establish a profound connection to YOURSELF, as you have never experienced before, and all this takes place in an atmosphere of consistent support with continually updated multimedia materials and direct contact to me when needed.

This is all free. I love to share and give because I know this works. All donations are accepted and appreciated. Just contact me on Facebook or select free access on the bottom of this page. Please allow a few minutes to be approved.  I know this works! I live an amazing life with my husband. We travel, we enjoy life and know that you too can create a life that is joyful!

Effective teachings, total transformation, covers all areas of your life, which you will use to create with


Full description of some current teachings available.


Self-Image is the root of all that is working in your life and the things you wish to change. Self-image defines how you think, feel, and what you say to yourself on a daily basis. 

This teaching will inspire you to change your concept of self, in the most easiest way.

  • You are expressions of your Mind.

  • You are infinite intelligence.

  • You self-image is changeable.


I cannot begin to even tell you the amount of miracles through gratitude that we have obtained. If there is one practice to have is this one.

Embrace this teaching and watch what rises within you as you do.

Purchase your gratitude journal to prepare for this.


Oh this is truly magic. Really forgiveness is easy when you see what it is releasing and allowing all at the same time. Understanding forgiveness, you will get excited to do this act of love.

Repeat this teaching often.


You will nourish your soul having understanding on forgiveness like this.


This topic has been known for centuries. I am currently working on it and so it will be released very soon. Prosperity is total well-being. What makes this a powerful teaching is that knowing prosperity and trusting prosperity is how we feel about the unknown.


Being scared about  death, diminishes your capacity to freely love.


It is our natural way of being. Any disease, is tension and the results of living a life that you are forcing for it to work and it cannot. Disease is living with uneasiness, with prolonged stress. How much more will you continue to make stress a norm? You deserve to be happy now. Health is harmony in all areas. Health covers all, not just the physical body.


This book is a gem. Many have read it and have mixed with taking action and working hard. However, this book is about your thinking. It is thinking your way into your desires. Please obtain the book and get ready to learn about how to think into your paths of bliss created by you. 


This is a great start to creating. You can do this. This teaching is the basis and will assist you in moving forward. Just play with this and most importantly trust the process it works. 

Please note that this alone requires repeating. The more you practice the faster the results. 

  • Clarity in your feelings.

  • Clarity to feel what you desire.

  • Clarity to define your desires and allow.


You emotions are very powerful. They are the sign, the actual engine, that fuel that tells you how fast your desires are unfolding. This is real! This is powerful knowing. Can you feel love?

Let love guide you.

The more you feel love daily the faster your desires are unfolding.


This law is the only one that the Universe follows. This has been revealed in many historic, physics, and religious books. This law is the commandment that keeps all in order and with ease. Once you trust this law you will know that your vibe brings it all.

Repeat this until you have it automatic in your mind. 


I have been in serious financial debt and so I desired to teach this in a way that will make sense to you. Money is just an idea. Based on that idea all is defined. Money is not about cash, it is all about your worthiness, and how you truly feel about yourself within yourself. Learn how to eliminate debt and begin loving and receiving money.


This is a conditioned way of thinking. Being overweight is when you are bearing an idea and it is against where you desire to be. In other words, how you view is way too overwhelming and so you remain stuck tolerating things that you know do not make you happy.

It is time to be happy!


These are inspiring and clarifies many biblical terms as well as using the power of the mind. 


The Science of Mind: The Definitive Edition by Ernest Holmes

This book is a gift to humanity and especially those who want to understand the bible. Obtain the book and get ready!


The Universe is extraordinary. It is all and everything already is waiting for your recognition through your human imagination. This is clear and powerful teaching.

Nothing is off limits, only the beliefs that you think it is.

  • The Universe is visible with infinite potentials for you to explore.

  • Nothing is off limits.


Inner child that is such a powerful lesson for you. You will finally understand how precious and mighty you have always been. There was never anything weak about you. Get ready!

You will heal what you have believed to have been hurt as a child.

Total well-being.


What a gift we have to know this. All that you decide right now in your heart, will be given to you in that second. Follow this teaching and obtain the book with it. Please obtain the book that comes with this teaching mentioned in the lessons. 

We are blessed and you can trust that what you desire is also desiring you!


Here is a new way to look at relationships. This teaching covers all relationships and I am always adding more. How you relate to yourself matches how you think your life will be. The universe just brings to your life those that fit the roles.

Everyone you meet is your past, present, and potential future. 


It is a glorious tool we all possess even before we became physical. Intuition is key especially now with everything turning virtual. Learn what it is and how to use it more often.

The time has come to learn to communicate and follow the inspirations from your inner being. You are always being led towards your wellbeing.


These are private teachings given to those that are on a monthly donation. These are intense and with advanced material. 

You will love the new way to approach many topics.

Meditations are also included to move your spirit and focus.