Clarity Release Connection is an interactive process which enables you over time to understand how conscious creation works, gives you the tools to effectively design your own life in a self-empowered, independent manner and leading to your happiness and fulfillment. This is a must for successfully learning how to effectively change your life and drastically improve its quality.


Throughout our lives, we have operated on the basis of certain limitations instilled in us by social conditioning, for example, family and society, as well as traumas from childhood or other intense events and occurrences throughout our lives. We define ourselves through outward labels like man/woman, boss/employee, father/mother, son/daughter, colleague, friend, and so forth. These are “labels” which do not encompass all that they really are, but merely describe various functions that we fulfill in our outer lives. The issue is when all we do is fulfill roles and functions but never reach our inner kingdom of love, peace, and joy. We feel challenged in a world that pushes competition and leaves us still dealing with fear.

You will find that as the training progresses, you will realize that life can be a joyful experience. Compartmentalizing one’s life means to limit oneself in certain areas, whereas when both worlds are COMBINED in ONE continuous approach throughout everyday life, this enables a person to unleash potential which previously they had never thought possible.  The key concept of my spiritual teachings is that each person is a creator in their own right, not a victim at the mercy of outer circumstances or people. EACH INDIVIDUAL is an infinite, amazing and powerful being and it is possible to unleash this creative power consciously and direct it with aim and awareness to become a MASTER/CREATOR.


In this training package, you will gain insight into the reasons why some areas of your life have not fully expanded to their potential. Unlike other online courses, you are able to have access to me and ask questions to help assimilate the material and apply to obtain quick positive results. This means you will start to connect all the levels indicated below and these will be specifically tailored to your own unique, individual needs for each area of your life. You are taught to establish a profound connection to YOURSELF, as you have never experienced before, and all this takes place in an atmosphere of consistent support with continually updated multimedia materials and direct contact to me when needed.

This is all free. I love to share and give because I know this works. All donations are accepted and appreciated. Just contact me or go to the teachings for members tab and click on any teaching to obtain access. I know this works! I live an amazing life with my husband. We travel, we enjoy life and know that you too can create a life that is joyful!

Effective teachings, total transformation, covers all areas of your life, which you will use to create with

I have been following Marilyn for about 7 years now and what I have discovered is that she is consistent and knowledgeable.

You will grow, you will learn, and you will get results.

Virginia Bergman

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