As always I search for definitions of words because it is important to have a clear basis on certain topics. I did a search on the word PROBLEM, and here is what I found.

Problem is the lack of understanding due to the source being worry.

What does to understand mean? The word understand means to be or being aware, it is important, it is now valuable to you. If you put this together you truly get a revelation on this whole issue with problems and where it begins.

Problem is not being aware of what is important and valuable.

Any problem you and I may have is because we LACK what is important, what is valuable. When we do not have our priorities straight, we do not have certainty on anything, therefore this creates worry. Worry is anticipating trouble and I wrote an entire teaching on this as well as the audio if you prefer to listen to it.

A problem shows up because we lack focusing on what is important. When we focus on what is important our source is linked to well-being, prosperity, and all that is positive in our lives. It is when we truly our happy because we have defined what is right for us. Clearly, this is liberating and releases you of so much stress about things that we know we have no control over since they are outside of us. However, WE do have control over ourselves and this is done by focusing on what is right, what is positive, what is important.

Regarding any current problem, we get fixated on fixing it, arranging it and even obsessed with managing it. All this does is keeps us in the same pattern and we all know nothing is truly accomplished. Whatever problem you may have right now, it is a calling to get clear on what is important for you.

Importance is tied into value. Value is something that has qualities in which they increase with time. The question to ask ourselves when there is a problem of any kind is, what is important for me, what brings value into my life that I can rely on? To help you and make this an easy way for you to answer would be; truly what state of being do you want to refer to day by day? Is it happiness, it is gratitude, is it joy, is it growth, is it security, and the list goes on.

All problems are calling within us to step into our power. Our power is our ability to choose a way to be and to live by. Honor yourself in these next days and begin to look at all the areas you have any problem and decide what truly matters for you. Once you establish this you will notice inspiring thoughts, ideas, opportunities, connections, and so much more will begin to accomodate to what is true for you.

I always get this question regarding relationships, if this also works with people? The answer is that it does. Loving yourself and being happy paves the way on how people will connect with you. It may take a bit of determination and I will share in other teachings but it works the same.

My spiritual mentorship covers many areas and I bring it very clear to you. I cover what relationships are and what do they mean, so that you can really create joyful experiences with people. As clear as my blog posts are you can just imagine how awesome my teachings are and they bring results.

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