I am offering another perspective to this idea of virus since it is in our faces right now. This teaching applies to all viruses in general. This is not a cure and I am not a medical physician. please consult with a professional if you are not feeling well. This is a teaching to offer some understanding as to why these types of experiences come to us. This teaching will certainly offer you the choice to shift your outlook on life.

In order to explain this we need to have a common basis, a foundation for the word virus. The word virus originated from the word poison. Poison has a very interesting origin and this certainly caught my attention. Poison means to gift a portion of death or substance of death. Now, this really has to make us think as to, how did we all attract this "gift" of a portion of death? And, what is death?

Die or death is giving up on a condition and give into something new. We are eternal beings expressing God- Source Energy, expanding God-Source Energy, and experiencing God as God-Source Energy. The higher our consciousness is really the more aware we are of our capability to create our personal reality.

All viruses and diseases are the results of inhibited mental and spiritual action. What this means is viruses and diseases are the results of each person who is hindering, restraining, restricting their desires.

Whenever we restrain; which is to hold back from creating we instead collect negative ideas, thoughts, and beliefs to justify our resistance towards good, This constant negative outlook on life only results being receptive to any levels of illnesses, diseases, and viruses. Regarding COVID-19. can occur when we feel trapped in an environment that we know is neither physically nor spiritually healthy.

Clearly as a whole body, what I mean is the entire planet has a thoughts, beliefs and ideas of feeling trapped. You can google now and there are numerous studies as well as doctors telling us there is a connection that holding back, anger and anything that restricts us from growing into our desired joyful experiences never leads to wellness but to many health complications.

Right now, we are being given a moment of choice. The choice is to believe in our dreams more than whatever is being pushed on us. Believe in our desires, for they will make a way. OUR desires and dreams have come to us because they are ready for us to shift our mindset towards them.

1. Visualize the outcome you desire instead of misusing your imagination to create negative experiences. Visualization is your GPS to get to your dreams. You will be illuminated, your will be inspired, trust yourself.

2. Feel all your feelings and direct them to feel your desired outcome. Feelings are based on your perception. How you grasp things now, determines how you will experience tomorrow. Tell your feelings how to feel right now, and they will obey.

3. Gratitude is accepting the good and looking forward to more good. Whatever we appreciate grows. Many of us value negative situations because that is all we focus on. What we appreciate, we value, and what we value will grow. Change this by appreciating what is good and that will grow in all areas of your life.

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