Happiness is a natural desire. For the audio for this teaching click on the picture.

It is actually what is constantly seeking attention within us. There is no one that does not feel deep inside an impulse or urge to be happy or get happy.

Happiness or happy means a state of good fortune a feeling of good luck, the feeling of contentment.

Now we have clarity on this powerful word. It is a knowing within ourselves that there is good coming, that there is within ourselves good luck.

All desires is a calling for growth and change.

This is very important to fully understand. Desire is a calling for you and I to grow, to upgrade our beliefs about ourselves and change, meaning exchange all thoughts towards better ones. Therefore, that car, that money, that partner, that house, that whatever you desire requires a match to it. In order for you to be a match towards what you desire, you must deal with the beliefs you have about you within yourself.

Negative beliefs or limiting beliefs take a "nap". They get woken up the moment you want more, or the chaos in your life made you realize you should be living something better. Now at that moment, you birthed a new desire. This desire of yours is there because you are meant to live in it. However, you cannot live or be in that wonderful desire until you upgrade your beliefs. All beliefs are really expectations you have about yourself. If you do not believe you are AWESOME, how can you expect awesome things to be in your experience?

Be clear about what it is you desire. Write a list. Writing helps you to focus. At first begin with just three. Remember you have the beliefs that you have because you have practiced them so long they are on automatic. When they are on automatic it is like they are taking a nap. They wake up the moment you decide for more in your life. Do not fight these beliefs or think this is how it is. They served you and now you are ready to upgrade them.

When you complete your list about what you desire. Allow the negative beliefs that you have about yourself surface. They wake up from their nap very quickly. Once you see what they are, all you need to do is upgrade these beliefs. Example may be that you feel not good enough, upgrade to I am worthy of good things in my life. Try also, I am good, I am rich, I am in health and so on.

Remember at first it takes practice like it takes practice for a child to memorize the multiplication table. Once a child memorizes that table, there is no way that child can be convinced of anything different. The same applies with all this. You have to memorize your new beliefs, so that they become automatic and then once again you get called for more, better desires this process has to be done.

We are always being called for more. That is the joy of living, to continue to desire more and believe you deserve it!
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