Let's begin with understanding where these two originated from in order to have a clear premise of what is approaching us for 2020! If you are reading at another time this information will be applicable as well.

The word NEW is a powerful word it carries a few words within it. New means to make, invent, create; bring forth, produce, bear fruit, it all comes towards the connection with the word unused. Now this alone is very revealing because it is a calling to bring forth, to produce, to create something that has never been before. Yet, the world is pushing us to have resolutions such as fix what you did not do last year, or aim for something you did not do before, and the list goes on but this has no relation with the word NEW.

The word YEAR is another powerful word for it originates from complete cycle or season. Season means brought to a desired state, I am sharing the origins of these words and not the meaning of these words in which our culture and society continually changes based on our evolution and point of view of life.

New Year is the creative movement brought to a desired state!

New year is not about entering a continuation or a pattern. It is not about getting things done better. As you read above these words do not have any connection with what society and old beliefs continually push us into thinking.

New Year means your time to create, to sow desired states of consciousness.

You and I have this very moment to being receptive to the Source Energy within us. Please check that blog in which I fully explain this term. All of us have this very moment to let go of limitations such as one more year, or this coming year but instead begin to create within your mind desired states of wellbeing so that this is your focus and expectations.

Dear one who is taking time to read this blog. New Year is not about resolutions, it is not about getting another chance to do what you did not do before, but it is the time to allow new visions and desires to be your dominate awareness and let that lead the way. Let you desired states, your desires turn into the conditions of your mind so that you walk in this new energy, in this new mental state of being for this New Year!

Now for those that love numbers a little revelation on 2020. The twenty twenty is a symbolism for POWER AND POTENCY! You have this all in you right here and right now if and only if you begin to accept your desires and release any negative thoughts around them. Right now create NEW YEAR which means CREATE in your mind and memorize your positions in your new desired states of being.

Please comment below and share this inspiration!

With love, peace, and joy,

Marilyn Holzmann

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