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Prayer, you see, is not something we do to God-Source Energy, a performance we stage for benefits. The going over the list of missing items, desires, and fixing frustrations. Prayer is not the emergency tire, in which you only remember when you truly need it. What does prayer mean? The Sanskrit word for prayer is “palal”, P-A-L-A-L, which literally means “judging oneself to be wondrously made.” In other words, it’s a means of getting our self-image regulated, lifted up.

Prayer is something we do to ourselves, not something we do to Source Energy - God. It’s the creative act of getting in focus. So prayer is not supplication, it is not pleading, it is affirmation. The purpose of prayer is to condition our consciousness, our awareness to be more in line with the essence of who we are which is God-Source. Prayer is rehearsing a new state of being, where we perceive our life to match the stream of well being that is always available for us.

True prayer is a process of releasing the constant expectation in any area that there might be something wrong or something bad is about to happen, True prayer and the prayer that changes whatever it is that is troubling us, is the one which states a new consciousness regarding anything that feels off in our lives.

To be clear, we are being bombarded with warnings on a certain virus, as well as the suggestions everywhere on what actions to take to protect ourselves from the virus or economic depressions. We must more than ever pray to condition our perception, our consciousness towards well-being and prosperity in order to live above all this negativity.

Remember that everything is based on our perception. Which is why many even in the most challenging times dictated by the media, still see opportunity and find ways to prosper. The reason this is so, it is because they have conditioned their consciousness, their individual perception to see good, and expect good.

Prayer is about making a decision based on the likeness an image of God, Source Energy. However you have defined God will be how you perceive the world. It is time to pray and release all fear by embracing wellness, prosperity, and love. Make the decision right now so that you are perceiving all that is good and expect only good in your life.

Timing for prayer...

Prayer does not need to be long or feeling like a must do. Prayer is as simple as taking a moment or a few where you declare with a positive emotion your new perception towards any area. Such as there you are waiting in line and thinking you will be late for your next appointment. Start praying. Start declaring that all is well, that everything is working out. Declare to yourself that you are on time and that life flows beautifully. Do not take the suggestion of struggle by looking at your surrounding to support your opinion. Take the suggestion of your heart that knows your oneness with God-Source and watch what unfolds towards your favor.

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