With everything else we need to understand what is learning, or the word learn. This way we begin with a common basis/foundation for this process of learning from our past. Learn means to gain knowledge or understanding of or skill by study, instruction, or experience. Learn actually comes from, originates from the term used footprints.

Let's go into this further. If learning is to gain knowledge, what is knowledge? Knowledge originates from the word RECOGNIZE. The next word to fully grasp in the word understanding. Understanding originates from the use. This is important because as I have mentioned in other blogs, words have no meanings for we each give it a meaning based on our point of view on life and what society continues to express it is. Many words have evolved into different meanings, because of culture and the entertainment industry.

Learn is how you recognize and use your experiences.

One of the things that keeps us recycling the past over and over is we have no understanding as to why or how the situation occurred. We often think we are victims and blame everyone in the situation without acknowledging that it is all our doing for the purpose of inspiring us to be deliberate creators of our experiences. Everyone is in your life to help you see who you think you are and who you think you are not.


How did you recognize yourself as soon as it happened? This is important because for anyone to come to our experience they had to have a path to take. The path is the way anyone can connect with us. This will empower you when you really open up to this question. How you recognize yourself sets the path for whomever is a match to approach you. People that see themselves as lonely pave the way for people who are absent in many areas such as emotionally, physically, supportive, and the list goes on.

How did you use your experience in those tough situations? The word use is key here. If you used your experience to support what happened, then this is your reference, this is your tool for your life and here is the reason many stay in the same situations for so long. Why? Because using something becomes what is valuable and important. We only use what works for us and in this case what is working for us is the reference of pain. Reference of pain means this is your belief, your standard for life and as I have mentioned before you are setting up the stage of your life for those who match the same beliefs that life is painful.


Recognize how you saw yourself and implement the opposite. If you recognized yourself as being lonely, abandoned, unlovable, then begin recognizing yourself as being supported, acknowledged, loved and start writing daily anything or anyone that matches these new attributes within yourself. You are starting to recognize your potential and this takes practice.

If you have used your past pain to define you, the time has come to use what is working in your life now so that you use that for your future and define yourself in a new more powerful way. What you repeat you aim towards. If you keep repeating the pain, you keep living the pain. If you decide to repeat what is good, you will keep living good.

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