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What gets us into debt? Debt comes in many forms such as, owing someone a favor, even though we truly do not want to fulfill it. Another is owing someone an explanation as to why we do not feel the same. How about purchasing something to feel better even though we cannot afford it. Oh, and the owing money constantly and that feeling that this is how life treats us.

There are many forms of debt from relationships such as feeling the need and obligation to stay with someone, low self-esteem, or finances. As previous posts, I am going to dive into the origin of these words used often to facilitate you in obtaining knowledge. Once you have the knowledge you can easily apply the suggestions and shift your situation.

What is debt and let us explore its origin? Debt is a state of being under obligation to make a payment. Obligation is the key word here.

What is an obligation and why the need to make a payment?

Obligation is a commitment to fulfill a condition. I am kindly asking of you dear reader to explore this for a moment. Conditions is a heavy and a strong word. Conditions is the opposite of being free, it is confined and restricted to fulfill a limitation imposed by someone or something.

Many of us have been trained in different ways to meet conditions based on someone else's ideas of us. We often live our life meeting all these conditions of someone else's ideals of how we should be. We want to be accepted and receive approval and yet, we all know what this leads to. It has always led to emptiness and brokenness. Clearly, the question to ask of ourselves is who's opinion of us do we continually feel the need to fulfill when truly we know this is not what makes us happy? Who are we trying to please over and over again? What image are we continually trying to be like in order to be accepted?

Any form of debt is the action taken from our state of feeling inferior in a quality we perceive we do not have. This is done by comparing ourselves to others and making their opinion of us to be more important than what we think of ourselves and most importantly what God-Source Energy thinks of us individually.
Debt is the action we take by force to fulfill that opinion.

Often people want to be perceived as happy so they buy what they think makes them look well and therefore obligating themselves to pay for something that is out of reach financially. Another is people who do not want to be seen as alone, rush into relationships and find themselves in variations of abuse that goes from neglect, manipulation, and may lead to some form of violence. There are so many examples and we all have experienced this, using something or someone to fulfill an inward emptiness. Using is the issue because eventually you have to pay it back through some form of sacrifice. Sacrificing dreams, money, time, and the list goes on.

What then leads us to compare ourselves and seek to meet acceptance and approval? It comes down to a poor or deprived imagination. It is unwilling to seek within and recognize the Source of all that you are.

Imagination is the ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful. When we do not use this creative ability it is known as worry.


Imagination is the only way you can see beyond what is.

Imagination is the only way you can have access to your intuition.

Imagination must be used to tap into our awareness of God/Source Energy.

Imagination is not some fantasy, it is a vision process. The further your vision, the further you develop into better and greater things.


  1. What areas of your life have you stopped imagining it to be better?

  2. Where do you practice fear which is feeling inferior to someone or something?

  3. When have you explored your imagination to obtain a solution to anything you are going through?

Those who are concerned about money, please note that everything is in a state of flux. This means that everything is in movement. Nothing ever is still because it is a formation of energy.

Being that everything is in movement, your imagination is how you move into other states of being.

Use right now this moment to take inventory of your relationship, your understanding to God/Source Energy and what ideas come up. Uplift your mind to your human imagination and let it lead you towards a new way to live and believe good in all your situations. Do not deprive your imagination which is your way to tune into God/Source Energy. Open yourself up to creative ways to better your health, relationships, and finances.

ALL IS POSSIBLE when you tap into your imagination!

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