Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Emotional Trauma was a big one for me. Coming from an abusive past I faced some challenges as well as resistance towards learning to love myself and live a life of ease and joy. I welcome you to explore this and please read it carefully. This is new and empowering. Practicing this will assist you in harmonizing and balancing your emotions.

PART ONE: The word EMOTIONAL. Emotion means ENERGY IN MOTION. Energy is required for everything because all is made up of energy. This energy is in a movement towards something. To be clear here, emotion is the movement you have towards something and this is all through your thoughts, through your method of thinking.

Now let us explore the ending part of the word EMOTIONAL. The -AL ending in the word means it is attached, or associated with something. Therefore, Emotional means all movements towards something you have associated with. To make this easier, you have associated a movement of thoughts about someone or something. We all make a connection, we must in order to experience life and our beliefs.

Let us check the word, TRAUMA.

PART TWO: TRAUMA means stress. The origin of this word trauma is psychic wound, unpleasant experience which causes abnormal stress. Therefore, any trauma is done first in your mind, my playing or reciting an unpleasant experience. We learned to think unpleasant thoughts and this is very important for us to acknowledge. Trauma is stress, abnormal stress by entertaining unpleasant thoughts.

We can now conclude that EMOTIONAL TRAUMA is a movement of thoughts in your mind that causes you abnormal stress and hurt. What you were thinking and continue to think causes you hurt. Emotional Trauma is any movement towards anything that is always associated with the expectation of it is going to be hard, difficult, painful, and challenging.

PART THREE: Having Emotional Trauma is when we continue to accept or dwell in thoughts that are hurtful over and over. I am here to tell you that you can overcome this right now. Right now, you have the option to set something else in motion, to begin training yourself to expect good and wellbeing which will create different experiences in your life. In order for anyone or anything to cause trauma it must first find a match and the match is the beliefs we entertain in our minds over and over.

HEALING THE EMOTIONAL TRAUMA. This process indicated below requires to be done daily right after waking up and before going to sleep. You must stay with it as your daily practice. This is the beginning...

  1. Right now take deep breaths in and out slowly. To begin to calm the nerves which have been trained to communicate danger when we explore a change. Breathing is very important in this process. Do it a few times.

  2. Next choose a positive emotion such as love. Focus on love, you can vision nature, a pet, anything that brings up those feelings of love. Deep breathing as you do this. We are introducing a new perception and change and we must relax our nerves into this new way.

  3. Begin to invite new thoughts of love regarding change. I am love and if I viewed change to be scary and it ended up being scary, now I want to introduce change to be easy and it will be easy.

  4. Take deep breaths as you introduce this new perception. Allow thoughts which are visions of changing to view your life to be easy. Explore this for the next few days. Best time to do this is in the morning and before going to bed. It works so be loyal to this.

  5. Apply the following new perceptions slowly and remember during the day take deep breaths to calm the nerves and remind them that life is easy. Have a journal, or use your note app to take notes of what has unfolded for you in the day that was easy. Such as, line at cashier was easy, email was easy and so on. This is important because you begin to collect evidence that your new perception is working for you. In this journaling, I encourage video journaling because you can see yourself change.

  6. Read the blog on SOURCE ENERGY here. I suggest that you practice that good thoughts is God-Source Energy and negative thoughts hurt because they are not from God but came from someone who found themselves in fear instead of love.

Remember EMOTIONAL TRAUMA can only be healed in the present. It is now that you want to shift to your new journey!

MARILYN HOLZMANN MENTORING: A Comprehensive Approach to Spirituality

I am a Universal Coordinator who teaches everyone to bring spirituality and logic into one. This training is your preparation to your greatest potential. It includes emotional healing and releasing blockages in all areas. There is a great need to fully understand with CLARITY why we are able to create with ease in some areas and why we repeat the same negative situation over and over in others.This type of training offers sessions, teachings, and follow-ups so that you are empowered to lead your own life as you desire. Remember, we each have abilities and soul purposes to fulfill here on this planet through our relationships, careers, businesses and spiritual work. Each area in our life is designed to be fully active to participate in the evolution and expansion in a positive way on this planet. Clarity Release Connection also allows to integrate definitions and purposes and releases the held-up patterns that stop you from living an amazing life of love, peace, and joy.

Empowering Practical Teachings: Take notice of the kind of emotions you are putting out into the world and also the kind of emotions you are allowing yourself to receive. Is it loving? Is it fear? The more joyful thoughts, words, and actions you put into the world, the more it will be reflected back to you in return. This also works with negative thoughts, words, and actions, too, so it really helps to be mindful of what you are transmitting.

Allow me to serve you so that you are in control of this and are able to effectively use Creation Formula and create the life you desire, which in turn helps all those around to feel your power and also to have hope that they are able to have Clarity Release Connection as well. Unlike others, you have personal contact with me and inspirational messages for your growth.

I am not a medical doctor, this blog is intended to inspire you. You are a powerful being and everything has a cause. The cause are the thoughts that you think.

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