Transformational Effective Clear Teachings

Clarity Release Connection is a training process that is transformational, effective, and new. You will release distortion or any mental programming that affects your emotions and your ability to create a joyful life. The distortion comes from our learned language and words which inhibit us to have access to our personal connection with Source Energy. The human organism has an innate predisposition toward language acquisition, being in a sense “programmed” for language. Since we are all programmed, we have moved away from the actual accuracy of words and their origins. An example is the word love. Love has been programmed to be hurtful, sacrificial, and linked to sex. However, love is freedom, it is liberty. Therefore, love liberates.  You will learn from the very basic of spiritual concepts and immediately be released from energetic spiritual uneasiness. 


MENTORING: Mentor means to stimulate thinking. These teachings are a form of science and that means we depart from ignorance and focus on intelligence, life, knowledge and our perception towards a healthy quality of life.

How you perceive life is determined by your point of view on life.

These teachings take a year.

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In this training package, you will gain insight into the reasons why some areas of your life have not fully expanded to their potential. Unlike other online courses, you are able to have access to Marilyn and ask questions to help assimilate the material and apply to obtain quick positive results. This means you will start to connect all the levels and these will are specifically tailored for each area of your life.


You are taught to establish a profound connection to YOURSELF, as you have never experienced before, and all this takes place in an atmosphere of consistent support with continually updated multi-media materials and direct contact to your spiritual mentoring, Marilyn Holzmann. Upon payment you will have immediate access to the online training, contact with Marilyn is your gift where you can ask questions and obtain answers. This is non-refundable it is online course available to you immediately as well as interaction with Marilyn.

Teachings: Over 25 subjects, 85 audios and more is being added.

Package includes the following: Personal contact via email or Social Media, Unlimited access to all and new teachings.

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Donations: This is for those who are already students and desire to sow seeds. You will obtain special access to private teachings.


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"Did a Creation Formula specifically to hire a certain person with qualities for a job position. 1,2,3 just like that the first person we interview is an exact match. I am so excited, my formula in action."


"Got a raise! I am directing energy into loving thoughts and that was it.

I was called into a meeting and they decided to give me a raise!"

"Another OMG! My property settles next Monday.  My Solicitor told me last week that I would have out in an extension as my bank won’t be ready to settle on Monday because we didn’t give them 14 business days to sort everything out. They only get 8 business days. Well, was told by my solicitor all is ready to settle on Monday. I ignored her when she told me I need to request an extension. I could see it and feel it.  The bank was able to give me a payout figure today also. Very happy indeed."

"There has been serious issues with the internet in my area. Many were experiencing issues for three days. I relaxed and trusted that  everything will remain the same. I decided not to focus on anything but believing and deciding that my internet would remain. I was the only area where it never affected us! The only one! I was able to continue my online work!"


"I have been aggravated by a situation with a delivery that still for whatever reason could not get customer service. I did the new gratitude teaching and Marilyn 24 hours I got an email with an apology. This has been going on for months! They resolved my situation and I received a major discount. Thank you and thank you Universe!"

"I am happy to report improvement in the menopause condition. The perspiration has been less severe and
also rush of blood to face and head."


"Today my last property got sold after only being on the market for 4 days. It’s already gone unconditional and settles in 2 weeks.  Woohoo!!!  This gets me out of debt and now to start saving!  Thanks you so much Marilyn."


"Manifesting a $100 dollar bill at CVS the exact amount she was going to purchase her goodies and to top it off...she finds a brand new lipstick walking in the parking lot on her way out of the store!!!"

"Was able to easily resolve a major conflict at work. I did a CF and then forgave myself. I gave the whole situation a new meaning. Thank you for relationship teaching!"


"I strictly made myself do a Creation Formula. It was in my job position. I hated working with someone. I did the formula and four weeks later, the guy was moved to another department. This guy has been with me for 12 years, only God could have done this! I'm a believer!"

"We traveled the weather forecast was not good. I did a CF and kept repeating it in my mind. Well we got there and it was sunny the whole time. Going to do this on my finances."

"Saw that someone healed their sciatica so I decided I wanted to do the same with my migraines. I am crying as I share this but for the first time the last two days no pain. I live in health and this is all I want. I am so happy!"

"The private teachings are life-changing Marilyn! I feel better about myself and this is a huge result for me. Thank you."


"Did another Creation Formula to meet someone important from my favorite sports team. I just started repeating the formula in my head over and over. WHAT!! We met one of the alumni from the team, he is a legend and took a picture with him. YES it works!" 


Obtaining results in any areas is learning to see through the eyes of the Universe-God. These teachings offers you many lessons that will help you to understand how to do this and why it works the way it does. The reviews below are anonymous and are often messaged to us via Facebook. Please share yours with us and message us via email or social media. Thank you!